Breakfast options

1/ Self-service

Your flat has a fully equipped kitchenette, so you can prepare your own meal. Mind: Le Surplus does not dispose of a kitchenette.

2/ Outdoor breakfast

Our personal hotspot list for outdoor breakfast is available for our guests.

3/ Ready to go!

€17/starter kit

Easy breakfast starter kit available on demand. Coffee/tea, marmalade, butter, fruit juice, fruit and bread will be available in your flat on arrival at a cost of € 15 per person. Local, bio, Fairtrade, UTZ as much as possible. There is a bakery just around the corner, which you can go to as a customer and which will give you a chance to mix with the locals.

4/ Lazy morning

€18 p.p.

Discrete delivery of a breakfast basket at your door at the desired hour. Just enjoy! Coffee/tea, marmalade, “speculaas” ( = brown-spiced biscuit; Lotus biscuit), cereal, fine meats, cheese, butter, milk, yoghurt, fruit juice, fruit, buns or baguette, croissants or sweet cakes. Local, bio, Fairtrade, UTZ as much as possible.