How do I check in?

  1. Receive your access code by mail or sms some days before arrival
  2. Check in from 4:00 pm in complete freedom 24/7

How do I check out?

  • Check-out is possible until 11 a.m. The key can be left in your flat.
  • Payment is also contactless, using the provided credit card data; the invoice will be mailed to your address.
  • Should you already have paid using the booking platform, we kindly ask you to pay in cash or via the QR code for the remaining amount (e.g. city taxes and possible extras) prior to your departure.

Is breakfast included?

No, breakfast is not included. You can consult the different breakfast options and the prices on our Breakfast options page.

Can more than two people be accommodated?

Yes, Marcel de Gand has three flats, max. 2 persons/flat.

Can I bring my pet?

No, we prefer to keep things tidy and healthy for future residents.

Are the flats cleaned on a daily basis?

No, the flats are self-catering. We are always at your disposal to find a solution for your specific questions.

How can we be reached?

We live near the flats, at the back of the garden. Feel free to find us there. We can also be reached on our mobile number +32 499 71 09 07 or by WhatsApp.

What does “LEZ”-zone stand for in the city centre?

  • The acronym LEZ stands for “Low Emission Zone”. Our location is situated outside the LEZ zone. There is free private parking and the city centre can be reached quickly and easily by bike, bus or taxi.
  • Does your car meet the requirements to be allowed to drive into the city centre? Check the Low emission zone Ghent page on the Stad Gent website.

What is the easiest way to get to the city centre?

  • Ghent’s inner city is a car-free area and “made to measure” for both pedestrians and bikers. For people with impaired mobility there is the Wandelbus (people mover): you can travel through the city centre at walking pace without having to walk yourself. The Wandelbus is free.
  • Public transport: there is a bus stop at 200 meters from Marcel de Gand where you can board bus number 3, which will take you to the centre of Ghent swiftly and smoothly. There is a bus available every 10 minutes and after a 15-minute bus ride you alight in the heart of the city. We can provide bus tickets on request at a price of € 1.60 a ride (double this price for return ticket).
  • Bike: if you put your request on mail, we can book you a bike (electric or not) in advance at a very reasonable price.
  • By Taxi
  • With your own car. More info on parking in the city center.

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