Corporate Social Responsibility

Marcel de Gand business & travel flats wants to do corporate social responsibility and makes the following agreements:

  • Make transparent agreements with the customer and suppliers about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we deliver.
  • Determining the social impact of our company by partnering with local traders, tailor-made companies and local job students.
  • Keep negative social impact as small as possible through a purchasing policy that is as conscious as possible with regard to fraudulent behavior, intimidation, exploitation and child labor.
  • Minimize our impact on the environment without sacrificing the quality of our services by:
    • we replace standard daily maintenance with our on-demand services.
    • we only change linen at the request of our guests.
    • we limit our mountain of waste and consistently sort the waste.
    • we offer local, organic and fair trade products.
    • we inform our guests about alternatives to travel by car, such as public transport and bicycle travel.
    • we rent (electric) bicycles and offer bus tickets and do everything we can to facilitate and encourage these alternatives.
    • we continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our company.
    • we continuously work on improving our purchasing policy when it comes to purchasing goods and services with an environmental and / or social quality mark.
  • Marcel de Gand makes a voluntary contribution to social causes through membership fees, gifts or sponsorship to local associations and / or initiatives
  • As a member of the Guild of the Ghent Guest Rooms Marcel de Gand intends to make an active contribution to the development of our field by maintaining cooperation and information exchange with our fellow B&B owners.
  • Marcel de Gand participates in initiatives to keep the environment clean. For example, we signed the cleanliness charter of the city of Ghent, whereby we commit ourselves to help keep our immediate surroundings clean.